Data-Driven Scene Understanding from 3D Models

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Predicted Orientations
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Scott Satkin
Jason Lin
Martial Hebert


In this paper, we propose a data-driven approach to leverage repositories of 3D models for scene understanding. Our ability to relate what we see in an image to a large collection of 3D models allows us to transfer information from these models, creating a rich understanding of the scene. We develop a framework for auto-calibrating a camera, rendering 3D models from the viewpoint an image was taken, and computing a similarity measure between each 3D model and an input image. We demonstrate this data-driven approach in the context of geometry estimation and show the ability to find the identities and poses of object in a scene. Additionally, we present a new dataset with annotated scene geometry. This data allows us to measure the performance of our algorithm in 3D, rather than in the image plane.


Data-Driven Scene Understanding from 3D Models,
S. Satkin, J. Lin and M. Hebert,
Proceedings of the 23rd British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC),
September 2012.
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Scott Satkin, September 2012.

CMU 3D-Annotated Scene Database

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This material is based upon work partially supported by the Office of Naval Research under MURI Grant N000141010934.

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